Explore the streets of Oaxaca
to find unique Mezcal for you

Selecting Mezcal for the Curiosa Shop

The Maestros and Maestras in this collection create a traditional product from quality ingredients and materials. Their production process is authentic, unique and has cultural significance.

While shopping at Curiosa, we want you to learn something new about Mexican culture and be inspired by these artists’ creative process.

Virtual Mezcal tastings

Introducing Virtual Mezcal Tastings for Corporate Events.

Enjoy and savor our exquisite mezcal while learning about this drinkable art! Your guide will teach you about mezcal: what it is, how it’s produced, and the maestra (or maestro) behind the batch you are sampling. She will also show you how to properly use copitas, the traditional drinking vessel for mezcal.

Reach out to book your special occasion with us and you too will become a mezcal aficionado.

Mexico’s Finest

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