Paulina Tamayo, Founder

A Little Curiosa

Paulina Tamayo, the owner of Curiosa, has a passion for culture, altruism, and experience. Because of her curious nature and admiration for Hispanic heritage, she enjoys exploring and learning as much as she can about Mexican culture.

As a little girl, Paulina’s parents commented on how her curiosity drove her to learn more. When she would find something that interested her she would research as much as she could about the subject. She loved to learn and had to know everything about everything. So, it’s no surprise why her parents nicknamed her Curiosa.

Discovering Fine Mexican Art

Paulina travels throughout the streets of Mexico to build a closer connection with her ancestors. During these expeditions she discovers eye-catching artwork, spends time with the local artists, and learns about the process behind their craft. It’s the unique process and history of the artist that drives her enthusiasm to learn more.

Paulina collects many artistic treasures along the way and wants to give others the opportunity to enjoy this fine Mexican art. This is why she launched her shop, Curiosa.

Her goal is to enrich others about the history of Mexican culture and hopes that the stories are shared with friends while enjoying hand-selected works of art.

Bringing Mexican Art to the U.S.

Up until now, these items were not available for purchase outside of Mexico. Paulina has worked tirelessly to make these products available so that others around the world can enjoy them. That’s what makes these items so special. They are unique pieces of Mexican culture that you will be the first to experience!

“Discovering unique works of art, while exploring the streets of Mexico, is my passion. I really enjoy spending time to meet new artists and learning about their creative process. They are truly inspiring.” ~Paulina Tamayo


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