From the mountains of Sola de Vega, “Three Hummingbirds” nectar of the gods! FaneKantsini Mezcal.


This Mezcal is produced in micro-batches to guarantee a high-quality artisanal spirit.


Run by fourth-generation Maestra Sosima Olivera, FaneKantsini is produced with extreme care and consciousness towards preserving the land and respecting nature. While honoring this cultural tradition, Sosima proudly leads one of the few woman-owned and operated Mezcal brands in Mexico.

Many Hands, Heads, Hard Work

As the majority of small Artisanal Agave distillate producers in Oaxaca, FaneKantsini is family owned and operated. Throughout the difficult and intensive process of creating 100% Agave distillate, all family members contribute to reduce costs and preserve knowledge and tradition. There is no modern technology used, only two metal objects are utilized: the machete and casserole (used to cool off the vapor).

Maestra Mezcalera

Sosima is from San Miguel Suchiltepec Yautepec, Chontal region, which is located in the southern Sierra of Oaxaca. She is a producer and promoter of the community of Chontal Mezcaleros, named Tres Colibri or “Three Hummingbirds” in English, with more than 70 indigenous producers. For many years, she has contributed greatly to educating the consumer in regards to the traditional elaborative process and significance of this ancestral spirit.

Taste the Fine Flavors of FaneKantsini’s “Drinkable Art.”

image of FaneKantsini Mezcal fields where agave grows
image of Maestra Sosima Olivera, founder of FaneKantsini Mezcal
image of Maestra Sosima Olivera of FaneKantsini Mezcal sitting in front of Mezcal bottles
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Cost of FaneKantsini Bottles

Prices are subject to availability.
Special deals with the purchase of 3 or more bottles.

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