From the hills of San Dionisio, Ocotepec, handcrafted and perfected by the “River of Bees”, Geu Beez Mezcal.


Our Palenque is proudly the first one in town. We are the legitimate inheritors of our lands. We honor our ancestors with rebellion and wisdom. It is due to them that Mezcal tradition has survived, but most of all, our culture survived.

Feel the Passion, Feel the Mezcal

With an approximate 20 hour per day work schedule, Maestro Mezcalero Crispin Garcia Mendez, participates in every part of the elaboration process. He thinks about the fields and Mezcal all the time. With his vocation and passion, he strives to teach everything he knows to his sons, which are his life.

Maestro Mezcalero Crispin Garcia Mendez

“My work is my inheritance. I have profound love and respect for my animals, which enable me to work the land so we can eat and grow healthy Agave plants. My knowledge will trascend through my sons. We have been working many years together. I teach them how to make Mezcal so they carry our culture with pride and respect. I appreciated the Mezcal when it was not appreciated. I have been walking these lands everyday thinking that I can take it to higher level. I have been perfecting my process through the years, based on what I learned since I was a little kid. After 50 years of making Mezcal, i can proudly say I am a Maestro Mezcalero.”

Taste the Fine Flavors of Geu Beez’s “Drinkable Art.”

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