La venia MEZCAL

100% Maguey


The name La Venia, meaning the permission, comes from the formal way people asked for permission. Before harvesting maguey plants, the Zapotecos, a people from an ancient Mesoamerican civilization, would ask permission to the gods for their blessing to create what is now known as Mezcal. This ritual continues to be preserved until today.


We are a family business with a tradition in the elaboration of artisanal Mezcal, of great quality and prestige. We have our own plantations for selection and jima of the best magueys, in full maturity and thus be able to obtain an exquisite product, for the satisfaction of locals and strangers. 


The tepeztate agave takes 25 to 30 years in its maturation process. It is a plant that grows on the vertical rocky slopes of high-altitude mountains. This agave gives a subtle flavor of fine and more settled sugars, with sweet, floral, and cacao notes.


Tobala, a wild agave plant endemic from Oaxaca (located in the Southwest Pacific region of Mexico). Due to the rocky mountainous terrain where it grows, it acquires unique organoleptic properties and a very distinctive mineral flavor. In addition, La Venia Tobala has exceptional herbaceous notes adding to its depth of flavor.


Cultivated agave, traditional in the region of Oaxaca, with 10 years of maturation with narrow and long green-toned leaves. Espadin agave has a high content of sugars with fruity and spicy notes.

Espadin Distilled with Lemongrass Tea

Triple distillation espadin agave of 10 years maturation, and infusion of lemongrass tea by carrying steam in the last distillation process, which gives a greater softness to the taste and provides fresh citrus notes, with a subtle smoky touch.


Cuishe, a variety of wild maguey, combined with a knowledge and passion inherited by generations, allows us to offer our magnum opus, the Mezcal Cuishe, with its fine and elegant notes.

Taste the Fine Flavors of La Venia’s “Drinkable Art.”

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